XII Saaremaa Opera Festival

Kurt Weill. „Seven deadly Sins“

Moskva Helikon-Opera


Wed, 24 July at 11 p.m. „Opera Royal“ at Kuressaare Castle Festival Yard

XII Saaremaa Opera Festival

Kurt Weill. „Seven deadly Sins“

Ballet with songs on the texts by Bertolt Brecht

Performance of Moscow Helikon-Opera


The story of "The Seven Deadly Sins" portrays the odyssey of Anna, who is sent by her family into the world to make a career as a dancer and earn money to build a new house. Anna I and Anna II are like sisters, but actually one person, they have "one heart and one savings bank book."

It was Weill’s last collaboration with Brecht composed in style of European theatre - using elements from popular music (dance music and the barbershop quartet), as well as established musical forms, like the church chorale. We hear a tenor sing the role of the father, tenor and baritone portray Anna’s' two brothers, and bass the mother, so we see Weill poking fun at barbershop-style.


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