“Echo” by E. Mutso, “Keep a Light in the Window” by J. Grib, “Thread” by T. Helimets

November 8, 2018 at the Estonian National Opera

The short ballets of Tiit Helimets, Eve Mutso and Jevgeni Grib will be performed.

Approx. running time 2 h 15 min, two intermissions 

Music coming from CD 


Idea and Choreography: Tiit Helimets
Music: Sven Grünberg
Designer: Dores André (Spain)

In his short ballet, the choreographer draws parallels between the life of a human being and a thread.

Tiit Helimets: “I have always been interested in human psychology and the development of a person from birth to death. My ballet deals with all that and I hope that the spectators will find both parallels with their own lives and discover also something new.”


Choreographer and Stage Director: Eve Mutso
Music: Kristjan Kõrver, Giles Lamb (Great Britain)
Lighting Designer: Matthew Strachan (Great Britain)
Costume Designer: Mary Mullen (Great Britain)

“Echo” is Eve Mutso’s new dance production that she has created for the dancers of the Estonian National Ballet.

“I have always been fascinated by seeing people doing something together. Looking for something in common, something binding, at the same time not losing sight of one’s own desires and convictions, and retaining one’s personal freedom. Although you need a starting point, it is never beginning completely from scratch, a blank page. What we have done and what others have done will appear around and between us like an echo again and again.”

– Eve Mutso

Kristjan Kõrver is an Estonian composer. He has studied Music Theory with Alo Põldmäe in Georg Ots Tallinn Music School and composition in Estonian Music Academy with Helena Tulve and Eino Tamberg. Kõrver has written music for orchestras, ensembles and solo instruments and his compositions have been performed at many festivals. He has received the composer prize twice at the Estonian Music Days Festival and in 2013 he was given the Annual Award of the Edowment for Music of Cultural Endowment of Estonia for the chamber opera “Steel Ants”.

Giles Lamb is a British composer and sound designer. He has published five solo albums and created original music to numerous films, TV-series and video games. His latest field of discovery is using sound and music in virtual reality.

Keep a Light in the Window

Choreographer and Stage Director: Jevgeni Grib

Music: Artur Lemba, Lepo Sumera, Sasha Pushkin

Designers: Jevgeni Grib, Olga Grib 

Lighting Designer: Ritšard Bukin


There are a lot of apartments in a house. All windows seem alike when looking at them from a distance, but at a closer look we can see that every one of them contains a room full of life. There is love, loneliness, happy and sad moments, hope and hopelessness – every light in the window burns differently. There are problems in life that seem unsolvable at first, but there is a solution to every situation. Sometimes you just need to turn on the light …

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