XVI Hiiumaa Homecoming Festival

Medium We are happy to welcome you to the XVI Hiiumaa Homecoming Festival. The year of 2022 has been a very different year. We decided to make the festival’s focus the young Ukrainian music students who’s personal and artistic life got shaken due to the atrocities of war. Some of them were forced to depart from their homeland and find refuge elsewhere. Some of them are coming directly from Ukraine to take part in our festival.  These young musicians  will have an opportunity to study with world renowned musicians  and share the stage in the Kärdla Church in festival performances.

We have no doubt you will enjoy the highest artistic level of performance and verity of the musical genres and styles which this Festival earned its artistic artistic praise.

Kristel Aer (Estonia), organ
Dmitry Bulgakov (Hiiumaa), oboe
Zhenyu Cao (China), bassoon
Alexander Chaushian (UK), cello
Anton Dressler (Italy), clarinet
Stefano Ferrario (Italy), violin
Sofya Gulyak (UK), piano
Alexander Kobrin (USA), piano
Oksana Sinkova (Estonia), flute
Jürnas Rähni (Estonia), french horn
Timur Yakubov (Switzerland), viola

Inna Herasymenko (Ukraine), piano
Oleksandra Kiktenko (Ukraine), piano
Jieun Kim (South Korea), viola
Oleksii Klefas (Ukraine), viola
Katerina Kolosok (Ukraine), violin
Luchiia Koval (Ukraine), piano
Elina Kulak (Ukraine), violin
Iryna Marchuk (Ukraine), violin
Kirke Pertel (Estonia), oboe
Yelyzaveta Samodid (Ukraine), viola
Hanna Sava (Ukraine), violin
Anna Serohina (Ukraine), flute
Nadiia Stadna (Ukraine), piano
Sofya Yavorska (Ukraine), violin

Festival program

July 25
A. Shor
F. Poulenc
A. Dvorak
R. Tillmetz
J. Brahms

July 27
P. Juon
B. Lyatoshynsky
C. Saint-Saens
C. Franck

July 29
G. Ph. Telemann
V. Telychko
R. Schumann
B. Britten
A. Schnittke
S. Prokofiev


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