C. Gounod. "Romeo ja Julia". Saaremaa ooperipäevad 2022


Wed, 20 July at 8 pm Kuressaare Castle Opera House

Saaremaa Opera Festival

Gounod. „Romeo and Juliet“

Performance of Silesian Opera

Production by Michal Znaniecki


Love story doomed by the everlasting hatred in between rivalling families – the Capulets and the Montagues.


“This is a story about conflict in which innocence is intertwined with family feud of the adult world. That is why we have children in the cast (little Juliette and little Romeo). As long as they are not infected with adulthood, they are able to love and they do not think of foes, politics and personal feuds. Yet, life is different. It forces one to accept social roles; revenge, loyalty, the tokens of social identity”  emphasises Michał Znaniecki, the director.


The performance was awarded three Golden Masks – as the Performance of the Year 2017 being one of them.


Duration: 3h 30m


Wed 20.07.2022 20:00

Available seats: 523, Regular prices: 72-92 €, Discount prices: 58-74 €

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